Saturday, November 26, 2016

161126 Ragnarok Event

aaaand i'm attending the first work event for ragnarok with our 2 stars - pion and eki~ wheeeee.

such honor with the both.


shot a live video here as well on csl's facebook. not too good at live broadcast but if you're interested in how the event look, do click and have a look!

the event finished in like 2hrs or so, and there was a huge buffet table for all the guests and us. a pity there was so much food that we can't even finish 80% of it.... woah...

after buffet, the team went to a nearby food court for coffee~

there's like 8 of us, so this isn't that much.. eh. hahaha. i like that yogurt ice cream and the latte! so nice!

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