Saturday, November 05, 2016

161105 Chatuchak

ready for a whole day of shopping at chatuchak...~!? here we go!

we looked for food when we reached and ate some street food before settling on a pad thai place.

it seemed like an award winning shop (but looks chui)

they specialise in tiger prawns pad thai but that day it seemed like they were short-staffed, so the response were all very curt. we requested for an inner table, to which they firmly said 'we only have 2 staff, we have no time'. we just sat at a random table in the end, and ordered 3 dishes.

the padthai was great, but not the rest. it costs 150baht each, which is pretty expensive too. we thought it was 50baht each and was shocked at the final bill. the waitress seemed impatient when we enquired about the bill so we just paid and left. not going to come back again, but if you ever come across this place, it's good to try out the huge pad thai provided they have enough staff...

the street is like several bus stops long and has lots of inner paths. we walked for half the day and we weren't even done with 50% of it. had to stop at a mall nearby to give our foot feet some rest.

we did eat a lot of other stuff along the way though... coconut ice cream (it was everywhere)

thai iced milk green tea, bro says it's pretty famous?

after rotting at a cafe for almost 2hrs in between toilet breaks, we moved on to art box nearby.

started with the famous dragon's breath - an iced snack that releases 'smoke' - nitrogen probably!

my mom and bro tried to breathe the smoke out. lol. super icy, not recommended for sensitive teeth!

we ordered a couple of other stuff to eat, including steak, salmon etc. barbie and bottle sells REALLY AWESOME steak. must try!

art box is a fairly clean and fresh space but it was too small to spend more time there. we walked back to chatuchak, walked for a while more before we left for the day. bro got a red ruby on the way but it looks very chui. lol.

for some strange reasons, everything just appeared at half the price after we bought the item we wanted. so irritating. and the specs we were looking at only costs 50baht... T_T i bought mine for 100.

we tried to use grabcar for a taxi but it seems that the cars just don't want to stop here. the one that eventually picked us up was a grandpa driver who drove so damn slow. it would have been tolerable if his car didn't stink so much of urine... but he gave us the final blow by saying our code was not applicable to cars like his... what rubbish. NEVER USE GRABCAR HERE IN THAILAND!!!!!!!!!

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