Thursday, November 03, 2016

161103 Bangkok Trip - Hotel Berkerley

so we took an early flight to bangkok and reached after noon around 1pm. bangkok is an hour slower than singapore. we then took a short 30mins train ride to our hotel which costs around 40baht per person. such cheap. family trip with my mom and bro!

upon reaching, we were approached by a tuk-tuk driver who offered to drive us to our hotel for 100baht. being all touristy and not knowing the local rates, we just took the offer. it was a little less than 10mins to our hotel by walking. we realised only much later that it should have costed less than 50baht.......... =_=

in any case, here's our awesome hotel! berkerley! (or as the locals pronounce... bakerly..)

there's 2 wings to the building so we needed to stop at the 11th floor to cross over. very ma fan, but oh well, it's cheaper cos it's more inconvenient.

and here's our very awesome room, sponsored by bro!

it was already after lunch time and near dinner so we went out to walk around and grab some food. stopped at a food court nearby which uses some funny ticketing system.

ordered just one omelet pad thai to try. not too bad. 60baht for this.

we then went for some street food - crepes! it was only about 80baht per crepe with 2 ingredients of your choice.

walked around platinum mall and bought some stuff as well. street of thailand!

 before settling for one of the outside food stalls. love the tom yum soup but not so much of the vege, it has too much xiang cai smell in it.

the rice was good too! the coconut tofu pudding looks pathetic but is actually not too bad. 

after that me and bro took mom home to rest, then we got out to explore more of the night market till 11+.

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