Saturday, November 12, 2016

161112 Orchard Xmas

went back to bugis to get the results of my test. everything's ok!
one big scanning at 5k to buy myself a peace of mind... in any case, comforting myself with some churros on the way back. salted caramel topping~

sis dropped by and we decided to go orchard to see the christmas stuff.

pastry christmas at centrepoint!

the mermaid display is pretty nice!

saw a lot of victoria's secret stuff hurhur... inspiration!

while walking somerset, also spotted kiss the tiramisu, which originated from korea.

the whole orchard street was also blocked off for a street festival. and there's a santa claus!

spotted dragon's breath here as well.. whoa.

and now it's night time christmas lighting!

last pic before we leave for home~

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