Wednesday, December 28, 2016

161228 Katana Yongin

we decided to have the shoot at yongin, in the middle of the night since there probably wouldn't be a lot of people. and i wanted to do it before the really horrible cold winter came. to be honest, it wasn't really a good choice anyway (since up till now i still haven't gotten my final edited photos).

it was almost a hit and run thing and there were crazy people passing by. like cars (it's a market street, cars are not supposed to come in!). but since there's no one, we decided to park our van there anyway. and crazy teenagers walking around. the weather was cold, why don't they just go home!!!

i had to like cower in the car, then wait for the guys to finish setting up, run out and pose for a good 5 mins before running back to the car to de-freeze. it was a good thing we parked the van nearby. the weather was already winter, who was i kidding!!! it was below 0degrees. i must have been nuts.

we shot at 3 different places before i totally became olaf.

we started the shoot around 11plus and it ended up around 4am. snow came FIERCELY right when we ended. woah.

after that we went for a supper-breakfast, and i just couldn't stop shaking. katana doesn't even need snow, why did i shoot it in winter. i guess that's why she's in SUICIDE squad.


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