Wednesday, December 14, 2016

161214 Zhao Ru Shoot

we're actually collaborating with a popstar for this project!

attended the shoot to help the lady called Zhao Ru, who is from china, and in a kpop group. it's supposed to be pretty famous, or as JH says, she's more famous than jun ki. i'm not sure how true it is since the people in our team don't know her at all. but anyway, she is pretty cute and lovely in real life~

there was some miscommunication and the shoot was crazy. i'm sure at least 20-30 people turned up at the small studio, and she brought her whole make up team, so the helpers on our side were all redundant at the end. i guess it was good that her team was helping her, since it would reduce more conflict if we were to do anything wrong.

anyway some captures!

the shoot ended off at 11+, and we went for lotteria for dinner afterwards. there's actually a breakfast muffin there, haha.

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