Friday, April 19, 2013

130419 Everland Fireworks

in the day i went for lunch with hang-ssi, a vietnamese girl in our class whom i've gotten along well with. she introduced me to the al-bab place near our school and it was pretty comparable to the albab in yong-in!

i ordered the cheesy shrimp albab, while hang ordered the tuna albab. both were awesome!! and it's only 5000 won each! there's even porridge for side dish. wooooo.

after lessons and at night, we went for the fireworks festival at everland. seems like to celebrate the blossoms, there were fireworks every night till the 21st April, from 8-9pm. myeongseon drove us there and we went to walk around a bit to find a place to stand for the fireworks view. there was soooo many people there...

it started with some light show, then a battle performance before the fireworks wrap the event up. i took 2 videos but one of them was spoilt T_T

still, i had great pictures from the show~!

here's everland at night... so pretty~~


and then the performance starts with the light show

then 2 big monsters came out for battle. was so cosplay like for some reasons.


and finally the fireworks!!

there was a lot of pretty patterns created, quite different from so many i've seen so far~
and my personal favourite that i've uploaded on fb!!! i feel that the beauty of fireworks stem from the person who you watch with. and this represents you. hehehe.
while walking to the exit, i took some more pictures of everland at night.
i like this tree!
took a bus home later on and stopped at han's deli for dinner.

then it was time to go hoooome. what a pretty night. *___*

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