Monday, April 29, 2013

130429 Taegonggak

took xm to explore a bit of yonggin - nothing much actually. supposed to go for the korean folk village and everland but cos i've already been in both i didn't feel like paying the ridiculous entrance price for both to enter again. so we stopped by just to take a look at the outside, and had al-pab (my fav!) - which xm was sort of addicted to too eventually. heh.

noon flight over to jeju. it was just a 45mins flight, but after another hour or so bus ride to our hotel, it was already night.

and i really like this hotel because it's so cleaaaaaan and pristine. hehehehe.

only thing was there's like 90% singaporeans staying here so we eat breakfast with our local people everyday. there's just something i don't like about meeting your own kind in other countries, unless you know them. oh well.

was told by my friend that hallabongs are pretty famous here, and just right outside our hotel there's a shop selling them! it's rather expensive though... 5k for an orange. omg. (we later saw much cheaper ones, though it was too late since xm went to buy this, lol)

since we still have some time, went out to eat a traditional black pork jeju meal.

look at the grand spread!

i especially like the steam egg!

and that was our grand feast for the first night.

and passed by my leejunki poster on one of the stall's windows... selling pillows and beds. don't know what's the relationship between arang and that. hey! you need permission from him you know?!

back in our hotel... we bought the salonpas to heal our hurting muscles while hoping it'll turn better tomorrow. hoho.

good night~~

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