Sunday, April 07, 2013

130407 Time Square

so... we're at another supposedly big shopping centre in Korea. i'm so confused as to which is the biggest, so i'll just assume they are like the top 5 biggest or something. i took this because soong joon ki is there - he's so popular here!

don't you think this structure is kinda disturbing??
and the inside of the shopping mall.
this is a real person!
had our lunch at the food court. you buy at the main counter then collect the food at the respective stalls to eat.
the spaghetti was so-so. we had waffle dessert at another cafe later on.
and my mr 0. mwaaa~
nothing much to see so we took some more walk around to make sure we finished walking the whole place before we headed back for dinner.

had gimbab 김밥 and rakboggi 라복기 - that's ramen + dokboggi for you
and we went home for the day.

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