Friday, April 26, 2013

130426 Hwaseo, House Hostel

LA. finally. post-exams update! the last 2 days of lessons was like a full day of games and chitchat, and then the graduation ceremony. went to have a last meal with hang-ssi at Mr chef after exams and i tried their dupeggi bulgogi (뚜배기 불고기). it was pretty nice but the one at yong-in still overrrules.

also had lunch with heju and aldella at a ramen shop near our school on the last day. there's so many good food around!

since xm was coming over on friday, we went to pick her up and i reached the ceremony late. it wasn't very interesting actually, so we left in like 10mins. lol. this is our library anyway. now that i look at it it seems to look like the queen inhyeon library scene settings. hmmmm.

and our auditorium. don't know what happens after that but we sneaked out anyway.

we went to visit hwaseo, a fortress in suwon. i can finally begin to blog on our one-week holiday... but it's gonna take a while cos we took like millions of pictures and we went to so many places that i'm a bit lazy to recap them. oops. and there's like photos from my phone, xm's phone and xm's camera. how to consolidate. omg.

so anyway here's hwaseo. there's so many kids and people picnicking outside the fortress, gosh.



it's basically a long walk along the fortress. didn't go into the museum, and there were like other pavillions and stuff that we didn't go too. the fortress is TOO LONG. it's like the wan li chang cheng. gg.


and we left around 3pm to go back to yongin and get ready for the trip to seokcho. took the last bus around 610pm, and reached about 9+pm.

our hostel was so cozy and cuuuute. and it's only $20/night with breakfast included! the hostel is the best part of sokcho, we both agreed that we could just stay there and not go exploring somewhere else. it's like a tourism spot on its own. it's also just 5-10mins walk away from the intercity bus terminal. woooo. it's called House hostel.


and we have our own room and own toilet!! beat that price! don't you think it looks like a boutique hotel?!

then we went exploring the streets for dinner. there's like a lot of seafood and crab places, but they are all SUPER expensive. seafood soup starts at above 50,000won. omg. and there's only steam crabs sold at the crab place. why?!? the seafood is supposed to be well-known here cos it's near the seas but i wonder why it's so expensive. ugh.
so in the end we ended up at a pajeon place that wasn't so bad. ordered the everything pancake but it looks like wuxiang. hahah.
we made friends with the owner and he told us to give the contact to the person selling coffee at the peak of seoraksan, to get drinks for free. nice! couldn't finish the dinner as it was a bit oily and late, so we packed it for tomorrow's breakfast.

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