Thursday, September 09, 2010

like, somebody should write a manual for what happens if you get hit by a car and you can still get up and go to work.

what's this about 24hours claim? and i can only claim for my x-ray if i get hospitalised? and that i should have gotten the car plate number from the lady? it's my fault for running across, not hers... so why would she be responsible? and what's this about having to do recordings and invite the police over should you call an ambulance. it's so confusing, not to mention annoying and troublesome. it's not like i have a twisted neck or what, i'm still fine, and i still can walk. sure i was grabbing my tummy, and trembling from the shock, but that will go away soon enough. it's not like the 'eye witnesses' even bothered to help this lady. i have to pathetically walk over in the rain to pick up my poor shoe that flew across the road, and all you guys could say is 'shall i call the ambulance', while you hid in your comfy shelter? (wait did someone just take the number down for toto?) it's so much easier.. to just walk away, pretend nothing happened, and go to work normally.

and it should have stayed that way, except i couldn't really wipe off the oil stain on my feet where the tyre rolled over. and i couldn't explain why the button on my dress was off (probably flew off somewhere). i could have lied, but i just didn't knomw how to come up with a good lie.

that's why i ended up being forced to go for the cheapest alternative so i could pacify everyone. - visit to the free doctor covered by my company, and sitting at home for the next day. i mean i am very thankful that my colleagues were very concerned about me, and my boss was almost going nuts when he was the last to know, and i ended up getting an mc for today... but it still felt as though it didn't really happen. felt like i was probably making up an entire story to get away from work. i did attend 3 meetings normally after that, so what's this about a punctured stomach... don't try to scare me!

so the doc says, as he poked me on the areas to test which parts were hurting (man, was he a sadist or what) - what car knocked you? i was blank and thinking, what do you want to know whether it was a red car, blue car, merdcedes or ferrari? and i replied ... 'what?' the doc says matter-of-factly, 'i mean a motorcycle, a lorry or...' hey if it was a lorry i wouldn't really have half my body here, would i? and i did mention it's a car, not a vehicle. maybe he was only testing my consciousness. the whole session was wrapped up with dosage of painkillers, and advice that i should go back if i have 'dark stools, vomiting and blood in my vomit'

so since it's not so serious until i am vomiting blood, i suppose it's still alright to say, wake up early for a conference call, then sit in front of my mac, type a nonsensical blog entry and go back to cutting more cloths.

still, i wish i was still a kid when this happened. at least last time when i got knocked by a motorbike, i had my mom panic for me, but now i'm at a loss as to what to do. and i am LAZY to do what i'm supposed to do (not to mention, poor). all i can say is, i have strong bones that withstand tyres and car crashes, and probably time will heal whatever it is in my body that needs to be healed. calcium ftw!

yes, my friend advises that i should turn up at the hospital and say with all due seriousness 'i got knocked by a car, could you x-ray me?', and try not to laugh when i do it. because they might not take me seriously. hurhurhurhur, ouch, my tummy hurts...

on a side note, my chatbox seems full of spam messages...

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