Wednesday, September 22, 2010

sent wani off at changi yesterday. it's only too bad we were starting to get to know each other during the last 2 days, since i was so busy with work the only time i could spend time with her was at the mecha event and sometimes in the evening =.=

well, hope you had fun during your stay here! i bet you had an experience no one could ever have... getting lost... getting shocked by the sudden rain... getting locked up at home lol... really memorable~~

and here's one taken using shinji's 3D camera (application on iphone of course)


yes it's 3D you need the glasses to see us in 3D mode...!

and us fooling around in the sky train since there was nothing better to do while waiting for boarding time hahahah


and one taken using shinji's iphone 4 with flash (ya la ya la compared to my 3gs - the above picture - obviously it's much better)


and then it's goodbye! see you again... next year's CF, or at some local event... soon... hee hee

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