Monday, June 30, 2014

140630 Yong San

the next day we planned to watch Transformers at the 4D movie theatre at Yong San. 4D movie is 3D movie with the rocking chair, so throughout the movie you feel like you're on a long roller coaster ride. In this case, transformer was a 3hrs roller coaster ride for us.

in the morning though, we went to dongdaemon for some cloth shopping first. since the day was hot dear suggests we go yongsan for movie in the noon then go back to myeong dong to shop at night when it's cooler. so we headed down to yong san and walked around a bit before the movie starts.

turns out there's a gundam base here! the biggest in seoul it seems.

my fav unicorn

the silver unicorn is gorgeous!

i like the wings of this gundam.

some sailormoon gundam, anyone?

there's even a section for teaching people how to color and piece together the gundam figures. woah.

transformers selling just outside the shop. look at the price...

time for movies anyway~

after we finished watching the movie we walked outside the area. i didn't realise it was so nice out there!

then we headed to myeongdong for some evening shopping. it was around 7-8 but the day still looked bright.
we had braised chicken (jjimddalk) for dinner. not the best i've eaten but still can do.

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