Thursday, November 07, 2013

131104-7 Cultural Hotel

we dropped the stuff at my place, had dinner at causeway since i wanted to try the paradise dim sum there.

it was sort of like the last nice dinner we could have together before he leaves. i sent him over to changi, where we ate dessert at swenson after he checked in his luggage.

i think i must have been a bad influence, or too emotional, because somehow he changed his mind about leaving that day. he called his airlines and realised that he could change the flight ticket, and postponed his flight back to after AFA. i think he probably also wanted to see his weapon done and exhibited out too.

we went back to the check-in counter, and it seemed possible to retrieve his luggage back! it was also delivered to the plane, so it took some time to get it out. the luggage was passed to the lost and found department, and 00 had to go in the arrival area by himself to get the luggage, while i waited outside. by then it was past 11pm, and we barely caught the last bus back to my house.

however, stubborn 00 didn't want to sleep at my house, as he was embarrassed of the decision for the flight delay =_= he wanted to just stay at some corners where there's a charger and wifi so he could 'work' then we could meet up again in the day to rest at a hotel. i bathed and got ready to sleep, but 00 called and told me he was lost around woodlands and couldn't find a charging port!!

when he managed to find it, i had already packed all my stuff and i decided i'll just keep him company even if it's at a little corner. so i did find him at the woodlands library corner later on, around 1+am. it was also my fault he was in this state and i couldn't possibly leave him while i hide in the comfort of my house. luckily, i managed to find a hotel at farrer which was fairly reasonably priced, so we took a taxi over there. the place is actually pretty big too!!

parked ourselves there for the next few days. however, i didn't apply for leave during this period, so i could only accompany him in the morning, during lunch and for dinner. other than that, he kept his time dedicated to finishing the weapon.

we had dinner the next day at a pancake house, after i brought over other items he left at my place to be used for the weapon. it was craaaaazy. we ate in a flush because it was near closing time. even though the food was supposed to be pretty good, eating it in a hurry spoilt the whole experience.

shouldn't have ordered desserts cos 00 didn't like fresh fruits in ice cream... and we were super full already!!

i also tried to plan for a better value hotel since cultural hotel offer was a secret deal and the rate went back up after a few days.

we decided to move to value hotel balestier after that.

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