Sunday, November 10, 2013

131109-10 Shingeki AFA

we moved to another hotel that was nearer the event at YWCA Fort Canning Lodge, which 00 thought was a hotel for women, as YWCA = Young Women's Christian Association. lol. thankfully we saw guys inside.

it was about $120/night and included a pretty good buffet breakfast, with a large area and near the city centre. best hotel in SG we've stayed at so far at a reasonable price! unfortunately we couldn't open the windows cos it was under construction outside so we almost died of spray paint again indoors.

went to try out Food For Thought near the National Museum, since we were in the area. There wasn't any pictures on the menu, so it was pretty hard to decide what to eat. turns out not too bad, though i think my mom could have cooked the same thing at less than 30% the price.

visited the event hall for a while and it was packed like crazy. think our shingeki prop is gonna break the next day.

on day 2, we had a good buffet breakfast (which 00 also agreed was one of the best in SG hotels) - even the pao was way better - then took a taxi to the event area.

did the make up before leaving.

and finally i'm decked up! after weeks of hard work and paint smelling x.x i took like an hour to put on the lens i got from batam, and vic had to squeeze it in for me. my make up was all gone by then and vic kindly redid them for me. horrors of horrors.

you can refer to more WIP for the shingeki weapon from 00's album here.

and our team!

with my dearest, and the prop master!

didn't see my friend but i saw mira's pictures on fb with the costume of the drawings i was working on. nice!

unfortunately, 00 didn't have another alternative to his flight time and had to leave that night. so we had a quick dinner at burger king as 00 was dying to try the pepper beef and hurried back to the hotel. we cleaned up the room and i had some time to help 00 cut his hair, before we boarded the bus to changi yet again.

no turning back this time... 00 was really gone. but i really appreciated his 1 wk extension though i didn't have much time with him due to work. T_T

and i took the taxi back to the hotel for the last night stay, and had a lonely breakfast before going to work...

sighs. by the way, never take taxis before 8pm. i had a whopping $40+ on my count back home to woodlands. gg.

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