Sunday, December 08, 2013

131208 Cosplay Superstar

ok, so i was making woo hee's costume and told to participate in this. with nothing better to do and just to support the show, i prepared a short dance intro.

and got listed as the top 6 finalists.

the 2 to be sent to china were emi and zephyous. congrats!

and some photo spamming with new friends and old friends. murasaki looks awesomeee. love the fabric she used. sorry i look chui.

and zhenglan~ pretty as always!

maria as saber~
here's sakurazaki during sheryl nome nom

our dear auntie shirley *_*

miss rinanana
a contestant from china wearing the kind of costume i super like with lots of hair accessories!

and dinner was at ramen champion. then home~~

and for those who don't know the character i was doing, she's from a korean manhwa called the Doll's Song. came across this in korea and really loved the drawings so i bought the manhwa off the shelves and decided to cos her.

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