Monday, December 30, 2013

131230 Wonsam

supposed to go to the agricultural theme park in yongin... so we set off on our journey. the bus that drove us there only came every hour or so, so we decided to take another bus that goes to the park nearby.

had a bit of lunch first before we took off, my nice porridge~

they have roe rice too! but of cos my favourite alpab place is still the best

so when we took the bus and reached the place we sort of got lost because we walked to a place with almost nothing in sight. but it turns out that if we were to walk a little further we could have found it. we turned back, then went on the same round again. super looooooong walk.

and we have to climb such a steep mountain

... only to find out it's closed.


but i still couldn't leave without any pictures.


and when we wanted to board the bus we realised we missed one that just left, and the next one only came an hour later. just how bad can our luck be?!!??!

but thank goodness there's a toilet because i was super urgent. =_=

and there seems to be a falun temple nearby so we went to take a look. not that there's anything to see...

then we took the bus home after we walked allll the way out. saw some poor pregnant cats running about in the cold. can't really do much though... back in yong-in, we went to have... korean bbq.

but this bbq was a bit different because there's this round of omelet around it, which is pretty nice!! the meat is actually beef too, and it tasted pretty good.

there seems to be a newly opened 'disco' place, and guess what's their disco?

it's a spinning disc where groups of people can move around in without safety belt strapped, and the DJ says lots of funny things and make them fall all over.

the best thing is when the DJ says it's over, and he rocks the whole thing, causing everyone to fall!

haha. we've gotta go there together someday...

after that we went to make specs cos i wanted to 'hint' for a birthday gift.

they only needed 15 mins to make the specs, and while waiting, there's a refreshment area to rest around.

in the end, 00 didn't get the hint. but we managed to turn the situation around... somehow xD

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