Sunday, December 22, 2013

131222 Incheon

Incheon is actually known for the chinatown, and it's not the same place as the airport. in fact, they are pretty far apart. so you have to stop at the bus terminal for the sightseeing here.

anyway we were supposed to meet jaebong and his gf for a double date at incheon, at 12pm. we had breakfast at dunkin on the bus. love how you can eat on public transport. hoho. there were new wraps and breakfast menu! dunkin should change their specialty to breakfast and wraps, seriously...

we were early so we shopped around a bit. visited the twosome cafe, since it kept being featured in the drama series master's sun!

toffee white choco thingy was nice~

dear biting on the straw cos he's hungry (or has nothing to do)

we waited for like 5hours before the couple finally arrives. jeez. how can anyone be late for so long?!?!? jinmi (bong's gf) brought a nice cupcake present for us. oops i didn't get anything *embarrassed* we had it for breakfast the next day, though it was all smashed from walking around the whole day...

and we finally got to chinatown at night.

the dumplings chives weren't too bad here.

ended up at a hundred-year jajangmyeon house. there was a queue but thankfully we got seats within 5-10mins.

the interiors were pretty nice!

why, what's wrong with being touristy....

we ordered like 3 jajangmyeons and 2 jangbong for the 4 of us.

TOO MUCH. they have the white jajangmyeon, but to be honest, the jajangmyeon we always order for delivery tastes better than all of them...

after that we went to the express bus terminal for drinking, and we got lost with no contact from both side. thankfully jaebong called up using his gf's phone, but jaebong couldn't find the place at the terminal and we headed to a stop down nearer to gangnam, where the place we were supposed to go... didn't exist anymore. the whole building disappeared - what are the chances, man!?!?

ended up just at a random drinking house, which wasn't so bad. was a pretty fun night~

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