Sunday, December 29, 2013

131229 Comic World

actually because we were preparing for comic world, i stayed home the whole of saturday (28th) to work on karma costume. but in the end, the shoulder wings couldn't be made in time and i went back to doing sivir. i had wanted to debut karma very much too. oh well.

so anyway we went down about 1pm, after a much delayed decision. i had to be make-up ready in like 30mins. jeez. we took a car down with the 2 kongs, since we had so much luggage due to jayce...

car was shaking too much but i managed to take a clear photo when it stopped! km says that i finally look decent for once (cos i have make up). grrrr.

got changed quickly when we reached.. and here's us!

our dear jayce. the CW staff were going around checking if we have authorized wristbands on and they chose to pick on our big guy. seriously, can't they read the atmosphere!?

and km was shining with his LED armour

it was probably 0 or 2 degrees. but i found myself walking outside just fine. in my super mini dress. but it was quite sad that we didn't manage to take a lot of photos, because most of the people were alreay gone by then... by at least i managed to find a decent group photo (with 2 other random people joining in) for our LOL group.

also managed to see sexaaay lucy and kawaiii rose during the event! not so bad for 15min cosplay. TwT

after that, we went to a tonkatsu shop to eat, and had drinks with our superstar jungu for the night. i learnt a lot of new drinking games, shall try it next time with SMLJ. and jungu says he's working on a new drama with junki... what!?!? can't offend him now. my junki!!!!

anyway, it was pretty fun!

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