Thursday, December 26, 2013

131226 Cafe Town

and so there's a land of cafe in Korea, somewhere in 즉전. it was a 5 mins walk away from the station, and there's a bridge you have to cross. it still amazes me to see mountains + city buildings together.

and then we're here!

if you've watched gentlemen's dignity, you might recognise this street where jang donggun first met kim haneul. pretty~!

there's so many cafes here! maybe more than 30. i took a few of the nicer ones. so hard to pick where to eat.

and we finally settled on this cafe, cos there's a lot of people inside (lots of people = good food, no?)

but we realised that the cafe don't have a lot of food, so we ended up eating dessert and a curry chicken quiche. the quiche is faaaaabulous!! best quiche i've ever eaten!!

00 says this is the best white choco he has drunk too~

but the green tea tiramisu was so so... because it was all made of cream except for one small little layer near the bottom, where it's ice cream. too bad i'm not a cream person...

so moving on to the main course, we settled on japanese food.

pretty interesting interiors~

00 says i didn't take him properly but i think he looks cute here with his sleepy face. hahahah.

some more bored moments while waiting for the food.

the food was so-so though. i've decided that i'm not a tonkatsu person. maybe it's the sauce. or maybe the chicken is just not tender enough. and i don't eat the skin even if it's supposed to be the main thing... lucky there's cheese?

cream udon is nice though!

onigiri is nice too, but 00 doesn't like it.

and when we went back home we did a little shopping at the emart near the station. there was a pet shop with very colorful birds too~

we bought pudding but didn't have spoons. so we tried to kope from baskin robbin but i failed and got noticed. so to get out of the embarrassment, 00 bought some ice cream.

and we ate it outside when it was snowing, while on our way to the station... the good thing is, it doesn't melt!

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