Friday, December 27, 2013

131227 Gyeonggi Museum

there's a really weird museum called nam june paik art center. and whatever is inside is pretty creepy to me.

but before we head there we took a left turn to see what else is there. apart from a plant shop,

and some bell making classes,

not much. so we headed to the art center.

if you're a citizen of yong-in you get a 50% off. not bad.

so this artist is supposed to be someone who tried to put sex into music themes. like playing a piano on live, naked.

did you think i was gonna show you a naked photo? well, there are some blurry clips which actually showed that. but it's not very interesting. the whole museum was rather creepy cos of the things that's being displayed. they made use of a few hundred tvs all over the place though.

and i don't know why there's a display of a garage. probably the used-to-be workplace?

but anyway i concluded that artists have mental disorders. that's why they create bizarre things. like trying to draw with your necktie. or your tits. =_=

well anyway we went off for lunch. there's a huge restaurant with a hanok exterior but sold bbq buffet.

yes, it's a restaurant. but i don't like bbq. so i skipped it. went to the place with famous tofu-jjige instead. weird building that has modern structure at the top though. i think they built on top of the existing hanok much later.

with lovely joseon interiors!

and we ordered tofu jjige of course! 00 was very hungry so he ate some appetizer first.

but thank goodness the food arrived in time so i was saved. it was just 8k won per person and tasted awesomeeeeee!!

we then went over to gyeonggi provincial museum nearby. might as well, right.

and the sun is setting...

waited inside while 00 goes for a looooooong run in the toilet =_=

anyway the museum featured various animals, and i think the animals are real (but fossilized). i think it might have taken more work to recreate the fish than to fossilize it perhaps?

some traditional handicrafts were also exhibited. this tiger looks so furry and huggable.

maybe this was real too.

how the olden folks look like. guess no matter where you're from, we all started from just wearing undies.

there were children's drawings displayed as well, and a children museum next to it. but it was already near closing hours so we went off for the day.

had a light dinner at paris baguette, then back home~

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