Saturday, December 21, 2013

131221 Ann's Cafe

i was greeted by my beloved on arrival *3*

we took the bus to eunhwasam and it was as pretty as ever.

we went to ann cafe for lunch, a themed cafe in yongin that i wanted to visit before, but 00 felt it was too girly. he later on visited with bongbong =_= it's a pretty lolita cafe, but too bad the walls inside were full of graffiti... and people smoke inside. zzz.

i like that you get a room to yourself! it's so private. the food is pretty nice too.


but the parfait is horrible. i don't know what they put inside, all the funny fruits, lots of cream and pineapple/lemon juice at the bottom. it was a horrible mix.

love this pic. 00's fringe has grown again.

walked around for a while but it was freezing... went back to the headquarters to say hello to the people!

kyungmin still loves snowball fight...

we had alpab (roe rice) - my fav food in korea and they've changed one of the side dishes from egg+porridge+soup to udon oden~

yes everything in the photos above are considered side dishes. i haven't even taken the main dish photo yet. hurhur. gotta love korean's eating culture!

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