Wednesday, December 25, 2013

131225 Coffee Prince - Merry Xmas

we were supposed to go down to hongdae cos there's some nice xmas decorations, but we got off and sinchon and tried to walk over, and got a little lost.

thing is, we found coffee prince while on the lost path!!! whoo!!!

so of course i had to go in to have a drink!

all the coffee prince memorabilia~

the staff were all decked in the uniform per the show. couldn't take pics of them as i'm shy. hahahah. some of them were pretty good looking! ordered waffles and a drink. actually tastes pretty good, but a little pricey. waffles was more than 10k won. whoaaa.

00 looks super bored here. not very fascinated with a drama shooting area, are we?

i can't help but keep telling 00... good job on getting lost!

when 00 saw the poster of the main character he really thought it was a guy and couldn't believe that she could look feminine. you'll be surprised...!

and i had to take with the sunflower background. hoh~ 00 looks nice here too~~ *_*

after that we made our way to hongdae... smoothly to find dinner. there's some nice lightings up.

but the shopping street was full of people...

it actually looked crowded but once you squeeze past them it's pretty ok. uh huh.
we located a famous marinated chicken shop and had cheesy spicy marinated chicken (koreans like things cheesy and spicy huh). i love jjim-dalk!

after that we tried to board the bus at seoul station but couldn't get a seat so we alighted, walked back to the station and took to gwanghwamun. there's a nice hangeul xmas tree there~

and we got seats back home~~ merry christmas darling~ <3 p="">

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