Friday, March 04, 2016

160304 Crown Itaewon

00 came around.. 6am.
gg. and then we checked out at 12, and he had to go back to Yongin T_T

we ate at lotteria because there was a new jjamppong burger that we wanted to try, along with the mozzarella cheese burger. i like both of them!

00 having fun with the cheese

after that we shopped at the outlet just behind the hotel for a while, before we both took the train back home afterwards. getting to my hotel...!

i checked in at itaewon's hotel - crown itaewon, which is near noksapyong station around 3pm. it is a very old victorian styled hotel. the furnitures are pretty but they are so worn out it's almost spooky. in any case i'm glad i was able to change my single to a double bed.

i realised they did not provide shampoo, water, toothbrush, toothpaste etc. i couldn't charge anything either. you had to get all those from reception at a package cost of 3,000won. is this a hostel or hotel?!?!? JS king in comparison is much cheaper and provides the full range of utilities...

in any case i got out and started to shop along itaewon, and all the way to myeongdong. got all the things i had to get for my friends, and tried out an awesome hokkaido cheese tart, then headed back home.

00 came around 930pm for dinner. it was soooo late. we ended up walking around itaewon's back alleys and ate at a spanish place. then we had this crazy devilish milkshake which is super sinful but awesome in any case. and back to the hotel for more dragon blaze...

look at all the pretzels and cookies atop!

the nutella is OUTSIDE of the jar and the pretzels are stuck on it. creative.

yum yum~!

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