Monday, March 21, 2016

160320 Love Live! White Day photoshoot

sooooooooo i was tasked to do nozomi here because yumi wasn't able to. it's ok, i like the costume. the gradients are very pretty! i didn't even need to make anything. all i did was add on jewels here and there to bling the stuff up but i don't think it even shows in the picture T_T

this is nozomi~

i tried to find her lens in korea but the closest i could get to was light greenish. in the end, it doesn't even seem to show in the photos. my eyes are so small so it looks blackish T_T anyway here's me cutting my wig before the day. it wasn't so hard, the wig was almost ready to begin with.

placing a pic of before and after-make. there's a difference. RIGHT??? RIGHT???

anyway back to the shoot. woke up at 6am for the make up and went over to vic around 9-ish. had some time for breakfast while waiting for the rest, but we only managed to get out around 1030ish. luckily it seems we're the first ones there. those who reached earlier got kinda lost and needed time to change, but vic, me & sheryl were already done. on the cab! uncle almost chua tio.

this filter is pretty nice tooo

unfortunately my wings were with ming so i had nothing to do in the meantime. the full team only got ready by 1130-12. sighs. so much for 'shoot early, end early'. the day was really rainy and sunny and rainy and sunny. so irritating, but at least it stopped before it begun, and we were all sheltered in the pavillion. tried to capture the heavy rain but failed. the yellow leaves were all falling with the rain, it was so pretty!

anyway, get ready for a flood of selfies. i discovered that my candy cam filter mixed with s6 edge created some pretty lovely colours so i took a lot of pic. 8D i especially love this top down selfie!!! wheeeeee

my camera front camera is pretty wide.

ok, show you some other pretty angels........

our kawaii kotori was the first to arrive. and waited the longest.

the little tall honoka, youngest of our lot. she's not even of legal age. i feel so oldddd

xin as hanayo. got a shock by her in the toilet. something about something obstructing her view of her feet. OwO

rin! she has a lot of funny manry expression. lol.

niconiconiiiii. jov arrived the earliest with rin.

gorilla vic. i think we look the most similar out of the lot.

my fellow 3rd year ellllllllllli. i'm pretty amazed at how she looks so pretty and photogenic because i remembered her to be quite manly off-cos. wow.

and pretty makiiiii sneaking up on me.........

but pretty maki is pretty so i snapped a lot of her 8DDD

and our cute little helper rio

and some wefies~!!!

shana's fish lens. 

thanks to all the photogs - kippy, sihan and chris for coming to shoot in the relentless heat.. and our helpers rio, nori and jes who tried to make the 9 angels' life easier by buying food, water and carrying stuff. THANK YOOU GUYS.

we had a group lunch at orchard's saizeriya after the shoot ended around 4+.. then we got knocked out all the way after we reached home. i was so seh... i took the wrong bus home T_T

ohh i was trying to take this to update for my profile pic... should i???


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