Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Ruby Moon WIP

so, vic drags me to another plan of hers for Cardcaptor sakura, as ruby moon.
i'm the kind who actually works on a costume if i feel inspired by it, and if we have enough members to make it nice. so i decided to take it on. in any case, it isn't a very complicated costume, but there seems to be some room for imagination too (i think?!). this is how she looks like!

considering i have that white skirt from many other previous cosplays i decided i won't need to remake it. oh, and my materials are koped from csl's textile galore. hurhur.

anyway, started with the cape and tube dress. not very difficult considering my velvet stretches to my body shape so i just needed to cut the bottom part correctly, sew on a zip and ribbon trim the edges. 2nd pic shows how it looks after i stitched the edges down. looks more clean-cut doesn't it!

i considered putting some luscious embroidery... i think it gives it more depth. but hmm i'll think about it later with the butterfly brooch.

the ribbon brooch is just made out of transparent pvc stuck with lace on both sides and decorated with gems. it was too skinny so i just threw on some ribbon backing to make it fatter. also sewed on the ribbon for the feelers around the cape. they are all attached with the enzyme pins.

next is the center tail (whatever you call it..) it's a big pink flap with the red pvc cut and uhu glued over. the sides are trimmed with silver ribbons. the butterfly is cut from interfacing and wrapped with black velvet (it looks ugly behind).

the butterfly was too plain for my liking so i threw on some lace dangle trimmings and mirror gems on the side. i then tore off the red overlay and trimmed it with black ribbon, and re-pasted it on again. the top portion was sewn with ribbon belt to tie onto my waist. i'm still missing the large ruby gem on the butterfly. on the right is the almost completed piece with my pre-used white skirt. ugh, my edges look so messy.

and now the wings. i'm gonna use a very weird pvc method that seemed to work for my digimon. PVC for the base!

then wrapped with black chiffon... the chiffon sort of moves around so i tacked it with my sewing needles, then sewed on the edges with silver ribbon.

that's how 1 wing panel ends up looking like.

and now all 4 of them are done! in between happy all day buffer from dragon blaze and striker. 

time to put them together..... which i haven't gotten down to. bleahs. and i'm missing the red panels on the wings. need red glitter cloth.....

till next time!

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