Friday, April 08, 2016

Belle WIP

started on a project for disney princesses for belle. there's actually quite a lot of versions of her but here's the original one:

with added jewels and designs on her top

just plain sparkly

and this is actually the one i'm going for:

but i'm at a loss now. after having researched on the many pretty belle cosplays out there, i feel like i probably can't do any better with my current skills. look at all these awesome belles.........!!! i really love how they made the dresses,

my favourite is this, i think she really nailed it!!

i kinda like how firefly path made their own version of it.

my cake-layered dress is a complete flop. and i think i kinda lost the motivation to fix it. on one hand it's because my glitter chiffon is causing such a huge mess. every time i bring it out, it literally sparkles my whole floor. ughh. i tried to do a 2 layer approach and it looks like a messy cake now.

it was so hard to attach the glitter chiffon to the edge so this is how it turned out after trying to roll it

arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh i feel like i may have to redo the whole thing. but never mind at least i have the top done now... at least. i bought a bunch of cloth from taobao to experiment with the mix and matches

and i don't know why but i really wanted to use that color changing cloth but after i cut and pieced them together i went... ok it's orange.

ughh yeh now that i look at this, it is orange color dude. so i redid it. 

and adding on the glitter cloth.

doesn't really look particularly fantastic but sighs.
i think i might have to rebuy all my cloth and start again. zzz.

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