Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Rat Mystery Files (iv)

Tempt not, a desperate mouse�/em>

it has just been discovered, with great agony (and in my opinion a somewhat delightful knowledge), a cockroach disposed in its separate entities �legs, hands and organs askew in various parts around the refridgerator, with the ruthless murderer still on the loose and with trails unfound. The following night, the fearless rat left a large trail (did I say its trail was unfound?) of rubbish leading to its hideout, which is a little rectangular hole used for water drainage whenever my mom has to wash the floor. It appears that the tweetz (let� name the rat that way shall we) has decided to clean its newfound home by shoving the dirt we have swept in out of the way. With the help of my brother� intelligent plan, we decided to leave the trap right in its doorstep so that in its scurry it would dash into its own entrapment filled with wondrous pig� trotter, malt and fried squid (queer food for rats, I� say). I� have poked a really long saber deep into its new home, but my mother decided that a dead rat would stink and choke the place up, so we dropped the idea.

It was a peaceful day following the placing of our trap, but tweetz could probably survive on the leftover debris he had saved that was edible, hence he did not attempt to foolishly dash out for a pee. Somehow or rather, mom decided to shift the entrapment of food to the refridgerator again, to which I did not investigate the reason, but I suppose the rat must have slimmed down such that it was able to swerve rightwards / leftwards so as to avoid a head-to-head collision with the food trap, hence making its escape once again. Or rather, we discovered that we have not only one, but TWO drainage holes which is presumably linked, thus it could have actually went out for a walk via the other exit, rendering our trap useless since it was only facing one of the holes.

A hungry mouse is a flying mouse�/em>

And just a day ago, tweetz somehow managed to pull off a flying trick in the midst of our sleep. I suppose it has climbed to the edge of the cabinet� handle and performed a Dhalsim� body stretch to reach the bottom of the dangling bread in a plastic bag, then slid its fangs to punch through the double layered plastic, and used immense strength to haul itself and half a loaf of bread gracefully to the back of the refridgerator. That� only because we did not have enough bread for breakfast the next day and I was angst-ridden to know that the other half a loaf of my bun bread is in the food trap, and I was left with 4 slices of ham for breakfast and lunch. In the evening, there were discovered a slimy bunch of piles near the side of the fridge, which was discovered to be the other half of the loaf of bread, courtesy of my sister. And dad presumes it was just stocking up for the coming days when we are going to put our guard up to tighten the security of our food storage. How smart.

Will somebody call the pest control? Or are we gonna keep it to wipe the roach species. Is it a friend or foe??!!

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