Monday, August 08, 2005

The Rat Mystery Files (iii)

measures taken to let rat escape:
1) stinky balls were strewn around so it would suffocate the rat (etc in the bathroom, behind refridgerators)
2) main doors opened in the day and evening so it can get out
3) trap cage shifted from near bathroom to near refridgerator, back and forth (i have no idea why actually, maybe it's cos my mom wants to clean the kitchen floor)

the rat's queer behaviour:
1) i think it mistook my sister's green school skirt, which is currently used as a "ma jiao bu" (meaning floor mats) as food, cos my mom found it bitten and stuck near our washing basin. points for guessing how it got stuck there.
2) mom accidentally sucked up its dropping in the living room and had a hard time cleaning the vacuum cleaner. according to victim, the dropping was still fresh (*yucks*)

minor mysteries solved:
1) the squeaky sounds from my study room is actually the ringing sound of my phone. (it's spoilt ma...) knowing that, i still jumped at the squeaks. i was shocked when there was the sound in the evening and my brother just picked up the phone when i was abou to tell him that's the rat noise (-_-`) felt kinda dumb. O_o`
2) mom says it's pretty smart so she guess that it's a male. since the suspected babies theory has been declared void as above, she may be correct. (well, i'm not about to go on about why female rats cannot be smart o_o`)

it's probably gonna be staying my house for a long time. maybe i'll just give it a name. jerry? or tweety. (i hate these 2 characters anyway. no pro-tweetys/jerrys campaign please!)

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