Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Rat Mystery Files (v) - Tribute to Tweetz

it was really horrible...

i guess hunger overtook tweetz and he landed right in the trap, chewing happily away on the other half a loaf of the bun bread...

you know it has been a month tweetz came, but i haven't seen it once! how queer. and now it's caught but i couldn't even say goodbye, so no pictures posted. according to my mom, it was a rather lovely rat with brown skin and big shiny eyes. i suppose due to all the washing my mom did in the kitchen, it had free bath everyday.

the weirdest thing though, was that we had all given up on nabbing the tiny monster. mom placed the cage on top of a chair cos she needed to wash the floor, but didn't take it down. dad was smart enough to place another stool beside the chair so it could climb up the cage. and it did.

the horrible thing was dad threw tweetz along with the cage into the big canal outside our house. which means it must have been drowned when i reach home. at least it had a happy feast before it died i suppose.

maybe because i've been blogging about tweetz and laughing about all the silly antics it pulled which drove my mom crazy (it'll be different if i was the one driven crazy!), that i've sort of become attached to it eventhough i've never seen it physically before. and it doesn't help that mom complimented it on being a clean and pretty rat instead of those disgusting scurrying furballs along back alleys and rubbish dump.

we've sort of relaxed the security about covering our food and closing the doors at all times, but i guess we're used to it already!

(and regretfully, no more coackroach extermination displays by our friendly neighbourhoold tweetzie...)

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