Tuesday, November 27, 2012

121127 Hip Hop Class

the next day was the last lesson of my hip hop class. after 1year of chasing ocean butterflies they finally found my receipt and placed me in this class. our instructor is pretty cute and looks super taiwanese (but he insists he's a singaporean with a little malaysian blood). our class is pretty small, only 5 of us and 1 didn't come that day.

after that i got a free ride from johnny around orchard road to look at the lightings. whoo!!!
haven't sat on a bike for so long so it was really nice to feel the breeze again. took a little video too.

except it was raining pretty much recently so it was slightly dangerous on a bike. but still! i like to laugh at all the cars stuck in jams around us. lol. and that's it for the night.

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