Wednesday, November 28, 2012

121128 Marketing Mag Awards

and then for the 3rd time in a row, i'm having another course meal at the marketing magazine awards night. not that i'm complaining!

it was a very last minute thing as they had vacancy so i got to knock off around 4pm to go home and prepare for the night. i was pretty excited about it as it was the first time i was attending an awards ceremony, and i heard it was a black tie formal kind of event. wheee!

however, the rain really got to me. i didn't have an umbrella and when i was on the way home, the flashes of lighting and sounds of thunder was pretty scary. i was practically running all the way, scared that i might get struck =_= luckily, i was home safe!

prepared myself in an hour and got out... while it was still raining. ugh. my shoes... managed to reach redhill in one piece to hitch a ride on nat's car towards shangri-la hotel.

hung out the area for cocktail and to drink a while. it was really packed (these photos were taken post event so it looked empty lol)

nice hotel!!

and this is our table of people, with our Veolia clients

the lightings sort of made all our food looks bluish-green.

but with some flash, it got better!

every single dish is good and i filled myself with lots of wines again. white one this time. (was red at vivi's/azel's wedding)

the award giving was in between the servings of all the dishes. our company project, Veolia, was nominated for the category Excellence in Integrated Marketing and we got the bronze award!! NICE!!! here's joel, nat and our client going up to receive the award.

and here's the 2kg trophy! it is really 2kg, no kidding. not sure why they made it so heavy. because it is an item that weighs on your company..??
and here's all of us with our award! think i nipped this picture off their fb page.

and then it was good night~! yep, i'm in the christmas-sy kinda mood.

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