Saturday, November 24, 2012

121124 Azel Wedding

recently attended 2 weddings, one of which is my ex-f5digital long time colleague, azel. hers was a wedding lunch held at four seasons.

while on the mrt here... i saw someone wearing this really kick-ass pair of shoes. trust me, you wouldn't want to step on her toes... literally.

there was also some strange plants along the pathway to four seasons.

i was actually too early, so i stood at the corner to have my lonely cocktails T_T. thankfully azel and jacq came afterwards. so here's the lovely bride!!!

didn't manage to take a lot of pictures but the area was really pretty with all the chandeliers.

our boss was doing the honors of deejaying the music. the screen was displaying his twitter account for people to follow, so you could know the music that he was playing.
you can also like his page here!
just look at his awesome spread of (apple) devices...

and the bride and groom enters! my shutter speed was too slow to catch it. T_T

 and i have my abalone soup. yum yum.

it was about 4pm when everything was done so i had time to head down to LoL event at illuma. got pushed to take photos with eki by khaikhai.

hung around for a while, then went off for dinner with the SMLJ gang at the taiwan cafe, and back to causeway point.

my laogong came so late from the malaysia event. tsk. still, it was a pretty long day!

2 self-shots of my hair up and my hair down before i shower it all off. hohhohoh~ i like it when i twist it and it all comes down in curls again.

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