Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 3 Fernwoods Photoshoot

and here comes the shoot!!! we woke up and prepared ourselves around 11 plus, and reached the place at 12-1pm. woah. we really need to be faster next time. =_= not to mention we forgot things. again. it's a tradition, you know, you always absolutely have to forget something. i couldn't ready myself too because part of my armour needed reparation and we didn't have the necessary tools. so romeo2 went back to get/buy the things for us... and when he was back we were still missing things. owwwwwwwww.

i must say.. this is the first time i'm doing a shoot with so many helpers. there's like 4-5photogs and 3-4 helpers dedicated to each cosplayer. it was crazy. it was embarrassing. but it made things so much easier. i often thought of the other shoots i had where it was just me and 2 photogs. painful. i'm glad that the League of CNPH Helpers are around!!!! thanks so much!!!!

oooh and d-man wasn't cosing because he thinks that 00 is better looking and should do garen. of cos i agree! but i also thought d-man should cos since he was missing a chance at this awesome location.

here are some of the very nice pics that ta-sem took that's already on facebook :>

1. me as sivir

2. chen as kayle

3. leny as annie

4. kyung min as shen (this is taken straight off the camera, no photoshop done!!!)

5. ta-sem as jax (he didn't do this for the shoot but for the event, but just for completion sake i'll put it in!)

6. ok i'm missing my :3 garen because he had no pants. waiting for the photos from ta-sem! i look super dopey here but it will do. heehee

had some group photos but lazy to pick out now..

well, at least we could still shoot at the end! and we had decent pictures :3 there was a wedding going on and we had to use our 'sex' voice. (jeez romeo2!!!)

i must absolutely post the crack shots that romeo2 did. can't stop laughing!!!!

he is such a joy to have around. hahahhahahaha. oh and kyungmin decided to have his own salon after the shoot. 够了不要趁机动我的偶像好不好!

special thanks to my jagiya for coming to help!!! you make the whole korean translation so much easier!! i'm still such a noob at the language T_____T to give a little background since i haven't blogged about FQ, she was the only korean amongst the filipinos at the last FQ i went to, and we hit it off right away. that night, she was my lovely dance partner. she's so cute!!!! :3 it was love at first sight!!! when she came over, the koreans really believed that she was my other half. well, technically right!!! i wish i could kidnap you back to singapore!!!! :<<<<< oh and because she's so young (well, much less than 20), she calls the guys samchon (uncle). so cute. *_*

and after gobbling our lunch, we had a little group picture in the room~~ this is the 'pogi' (i'm so good-looking in tagalog) pose.

 we went to have dinner at this neat little pub and we ordered almost everything that was available in the menu. this is just 2/3 of what we ate. not that much, actually.

i bought like 8 bottles of all the mudshake i could grab, for tonight's party!!! but before that, a nice 1.5hours of full body massage with chen, while the guys talked about some Serious Business. wonder what it is. it was already about 330am by the time we were done, but we still went to buy more beers and stuff to continue the night.

it was... the best day in my life :3 :X

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