Sunday, September 16, 2012


i almost died today because i had badminton at 7 in the morning, shoot till 4pm, then MAF. thank goodness my shoot ended early because i was almost dying from heat exhaustion (and i really meant it, my face was pale and my heart was constricted, thought i was gonna faint any moment). then i got ready to go MAF.

wow, it's been almost 10 years since we graduated. the first sights that i was greeted with...

an island of construction. where is my school!!!

haha. everyone we know is gone, except bewkyh. we went to have a little dinner snack before we hop back to MAF.

this year's lighting display is AWESOME. here.
but of course that's not why it's awesome, it still looks like it did in yesteryears.
the true reason is because they did it with iljimae music in the background. whoever did it, must be a junki fan. HAHA! love you!!!!!!

we hung around for a bit at our class bench, etc, but we didn't really see any familiar faces. oh well!

we then hope over to KAP for a mini celebration for HW at mac + some ice-cream. and that was how our MAF ended.

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