Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 4 East Coast Park

We got up for breakfast at the Loft, then headed to East Coast. since i can't really remember the route there, i overshot the station and had to turn back. thankfully there was a bus on weekends at the interchange that heads to East Coast especially. phewwwww.

We rented the very cute sheltered bike for 2 person. Costs $30 for an hour. 1hour is more than enough, it seriously drains all your energy riding it =____=

we rode for half an hour, then stopped near the seaside to rest.

when we returned it was time to give the bike back. we walked over to this tentage and it seems that there's an Animal Day going on!

there were exhibitions and performances going on, and we went round to take a look.

it was supposed to be an animal day, but there were only dogs. we saw one lonely cat outside the tentage though. poor cat. still, the dogs there were all so pretty...!

we then went to melben seafood to have crabs in the noon... 

it rained a bit while we were eating but luckily stopped when we were done. we headed over to the bus, where the bus only came after 10mins+ of waiting. well, at least it came =_=

oh look, fascinating big fans they're putting everywhere at the mrt stations.

we headed over to marina barrage to look at the kites. there was a person using a 2-handed kite (controlled by 2 steering). whoa. we walked around the top and stopped to feel the breeze.

it was about 7+ when we left the place, so we decided to head home. went over to have murtabak and prata for dinner. then headed home to rest up for tomorrow

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