Monday, October 01, 2012

Day 5 Legoland

i was in such a hurry to get out because i thought i would be running late, that i didn't pack any spare clothes at all. which means i needed to get home again tonight after we come back from Malaysia. bleahs.

it seems that we reached way too early at lavender anyway and we had to walk around, sit around and waste some time. the bus was late! ugh.

we got on the bus and ate our breakfast. mom prepared fried kimchi pineapple rice. love my mom's food.

we reached Legoland about an hour after we set off from Lavender, after all the customs. time to play!!!

first to relief ourselves. their mascots outside the toilets are lovely. they even have sounds coming out from them.

we ate an ice-cream before we head off. walked around the mini legoland.. i particularly love the pirates one as there were smoke bombs firing out from the ship and water sprouting. real nice!

ok i'm gonna just spam all the pictures here.

some of the places had buttons that you could press to see some little actions or to activate some sounds. if not for the ultra hot weather, would have been pretty interesting to observe.

but let's get to our first ride! and we start off with a mild roller coaster, which is actually what i was more of looking forward to.

waiting time was a bit long, but since it was a weekday, the queues generally don't exceed 30-40mins for the longest queue, and 10mins or less for the shorter ones. i had time to spam some sunblock.

ride was nice, especially the turns. we headed to the water ride next. you basically stand on a platform and try to avoid the people on the sides from spraying you with water. since it was a rather hot day, i was wishing i'd get sprayed at more, but it seems that i wasn't fated with water. oh well.

that seemed to be all for this section, so we headed on to the dragon land.

the baby dragon one was a ... baby dragon ride. the mature dragon ride was much more awesome!

we also went up a rotating observatory tower... and sat at a section where the air con is spoilt. jeez. so much for a cool inner ground.

and those are all of legoland!

we came to this place to rest a bit. it was where you could build your own cars and roll it down a slope, and compete with other cars. at first we sat inside to enjoy the aircon and finish up the pears. then we decided to build something too.
created this really long car because if the point was to win, then you just have to make one as long as the slope. it doesn't matter how ugly the car is!!! added the wings on either side - so that you can block your competitors from advancing!!! jeez, this competition instinct. hahaha.

we went out to give a go at the 'pull-yourself-up to the top' ride. 

not particularly interesting. what was more interesting was the ice cream shop just near it.

we stopped to have lunch at a nearby restaurant, then went to the 4D theatre next.

lego movie wasn't so bad, the nicest part was when the snowflakes all came drizzling down. other than that there wasn't water sprays as i was expecting, and it was more of just wind and movement. shrek is nicer.

we stopped at this kiddy house to take a look and there seems to be a cannon firing war ground. you could feed balls into the machines around and have them spray crazily around, and shoot as many as you can into the 2nd level and vice versa. interesting!!

some interesting lego dinosaurs along the walk...

and we saw mr lego block!

also stopped to have a little dessert - bread pudding!

look at how people are getting eaten up by the lego shark.

we went on the boat ride next and i must say i steer pretty well! the students in front of us were basically crashing into each other and stuck at a corner, and i even overtook a girl in front. xP

we took the legoland express, a mini train ride that goes around the place for sightseeing purpose. steams ahead!!!

there was actually a couple taking wedding shots near the fountain and we joked about becoming their background again. so many weddings lately.... =_=

ooh look interesting structure. from a certain angle it almost looks like he is peeing.

we passed by this concerto exhibit... and suddenly they started playing!!! 


we got ourselves a grape slushie (first time i've heard of this, but it's actually an ice-blended). i only managed to drink a little before i was full. but i was barely 20% into the drink. oh well! as i said, i'm not really a drinker...

we departed about 6, after a last ride on the first roller coaster we took.

it seems that from lavender you could walk to bugis, so we walked over there to shop.

we passed by fika cafe, a swedish based restaurant that my sister showed me before so we ate there. decided to eat there. we were actually not that hungry but still ordered anyway, and we really tried damn hard to finish =_=

we then walked to bugis departmental store and around the outer streets.

and i think i received the most amazing present ever.

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