Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Day 7 Jusco

"마음 음식."
got out of house in the noon and walked a little around, and reached a nearby coffee shop where i bought my malaysia sim card for the days to come. then we managed to get some cab service numbers and called a cab to drive us to jusco.

it was a really simple shopping day, like watching a movie, shopping for shoes, drinking at a cafe.

we watched Transylvania Hotel. i love the show.

this picture is from KSL but it was what we watched, forgot to take it at jusco. heh.

we had a nice stone-grilled dinner where the place was so full of smoke smell i almost stank myself to death.

went to get some food at the supermarket together before we left for the day.

it was a shock halfway home because i realised that i lost my key. panicked for a while and then remembered it might have been on the morning taxi uncle's cars and quickly dialed him. thank goodness it was! can't imagine the horrors if my dad found out i've lost those keys T_T it was a good thing that we had to wait for the uncle to come down and pass us the keys, because this blue cab i took charged at a crazy rate!!! only had RM30 for him when he drove up to 50+RM. sorry, too bad there's not enough cash. luckily, he was fine with it (guess he liked us??).

now this is the fun part. when we got home, i went up and suddenly the shower in the bathroom switched on (couldn't get it to work before). then there was suddenly loud bangings downstairs. we went down cautiously as we thought there were dangerous people out there, and soon realised that it was only - my dad. lol. wahhh. what a surprise visit.

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