Thursday, October 25, 2012

121025 TGL Tasting at Outpost

one of the few good things about working with alcohol accounts - tasting sessions!

today's tasting session was at the Outpost. to be honest i didn't know there's a club that's made for the army. so i was pretty surprised to see officers in the bar, in their uniform. hur. and i didn't even know i was supposed to come here and i came super casually dressed. owwww.

we went down to help with the Guardians registration by instructing the girls working there, but we also got to relax and enjoy ourselves. this place is actually pretty neat.

here's our tasting table!! and the girl who's supposed to go around getting the sign-ups.

there were quite a number of people who turned up (perhaps 20 or so), and there were also interesting people that we interacted with.

and here's our spread. hehehe.

when the glasses were almost all used up and the session coming to an end, we hopped over to another nearby bar and stayed a while to listen to the singings.

it was actually pretty cool because the singers all came down to interact with us. it seems that it's a filipino band. continued to eat and drink lots here. uwahhhh. our client is really awesome!

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