Sunday, October 07, 2012

Daiya Jojo's Adventure

so i've been coerced into doing this. DO OR DIE! i was told.

...nah i'm just kidding.

still this little female bear is pretty cute. i think i'm starting to like manga cosplays because there's no colors filled in. so it's all up to me!!!

and that weird baby like thingy is called california king bed, a kind of stand (or summon) for the character. of cos there's fan arts on it but i'm totally not gonna follow this color set! what's nice about jojo cosplays is that the author is so inconsistent with the character clothes and colors that you can keep changing it to whatever your heart desires.
 and so i've picked pink for her top. sewing it was a bit of a pain because fur tends to fly everywhere. massive clean-up needed after that.
i've got the basic done, but it still needs some decorations and the ears. 

i'm starting to use the rubber i got from philippines! whee! love that i can add textures to it however i want. so these are the cut out shapes for her stand.
then i wrapped them with different colors. it's the first time i'm using super glue to wrap everything. good thing about it is that the color is clear, so don't have to worry about gooey yellow mess. it also dries fast, so it's gooe for joining the little gaps when making circular dish-like shapes. however, it's so super hard to wash off... and it burns when you get contact with it. yeowchhhhhh....

so anyway i got the green color idea since the things around the main baby seems leafy. and a golden face matches well. each green surface is overlayed with a shiny gauze chiffon as well. think i'm gonna be carrying around  little baby plantation!

however it seems that painting the base red doesn't really match well. will be changing it. still drying in my living room now. bleahs.

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