Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Day 6 Universal Studios

checked out at 12plus and went to universal studios today. even though we reached around 2+ and it closes at 7, we still went in all the same.

was a good choice we came - some halloween decorations were up and there were staff already in scary costumes.

we started off with transformers, since it was the nearest ride with the longest queue that i have not tried... xD

it almost looks like a super zai cosplay when you zoom in to that bumblebee o_o

and the looooong windy way before we reach our ride.

and off we go after about 40mins of waiting!

since it was a 3D simulator ride, we were allowed to bring our items up.
the ride was really amazing!!!! keke. some more transformers cosplay and craziness going on outside. really well made! yes and he moves pretty easily :o like C4 cosplay. lol.
there's optimus prime too!!!

just look at how gigantic it is.

we went on the human and cyclon roller coasters next, and since the queue was so super short (like 5mins), we took cyclon twice. oh the lockers are now free for the first 15mins. not bad!
next was the mummy ride~~~ ohh mr pharoah on sticks spotted!

we went on the water ride and as usual, i don't seem to have any luck with getting water splashed on me. heehee.

we managed to take all the classic rides, and finished on the dot with shrek's 4D.

exited USS and went to walk around the surroundings a bit, ate an ice cream, climbed all the stairs. and found the merlion!

in fact the merlion was a little scary with the eyes... and the colors kept changing to some ghastly glow. perhaps it was also in the halloween mood... {{{o_o}}}

and then we were off back to vivo city after that. walked a little around vivocity and then it was time to head back my house to get my stuff... and to go malaysia!

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