Sunday, October 28, 2012

Daiya costume

haidee hooo i finished my daiya 2 weeks before the event... awesome!

let's start with the dress...

added all the funny balls she had..

then the laces! done!!

california king bed wasn't that hard to make either. i just used whatever materials i had (mostly stuff bought from philippines, and leftover pvc/acrylic paint) to make it. the base were the rubber sheets, the patterns helped bring out some dynamism in the prop.

i just didn't know what color would go well as a whole but i settled on blue and red (those were the only colors i have anyway!). red would be the back.

then i lined it with the silver thing 00 bought for me, that they usually use for amor lining. hurhur. also cut out sunny's expression with random pvc so it looks more 'popped out' rather than drawn.

the yellow cord was unwounded from my tamazuki costume. it was made out of 3 twined golden cord, which i untwined and retwined so i could have a thinner cord around my metal wire.

so here's how it looks at the back, with all the red base.
and finally, it's done~~~

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