Thursday, October 04, 2012

Day 8 Kukup, KSL

We woke up for a bit of cereal breakfast + cup noodles before setting off to Kukup.

It was almost an hour journey to Kukup. and sadly because i knew nothing about the place except the seafood, there's nothing to do there really. we walked along the house on stilts and talked, and tried to take in some breeze, but the weather is just so so so so hot...! we rested at a place for dessert, but this guy doesn't eat mango and i ended up eating the whole chunk.

when we finally called for the cab to go, we actually discovered a tourist information area with air con and places to introduce around kukup that we could go to. but what to do. too late. =_____= acks.

so we headed off to KSL for more shopping after that. wanted to find the fish foot spa but guess it's not there. ate the nearby bah kut teh.

we shopped around and looked for a hp cover (for myself, because it was falling apart), but we mostly window-shopped. i did buy a pair of lens for myself though. we then stopped at a cafe to drink because their drinks look so awesome

we went to shop at the local supermarket again and managed to get wine this time! i like muscato because it is such a sweet and fruity alcohol. and at least it is less 'poisonous' than the other alcohols.

we then headed home. kinda wish the day never ends, because when the next day comes, you will have to go... and of cos my wish is never granted.

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