Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Episode 2: F5DIGITAL at Pulau Ubin

soooooooooooooooooooooooo i thought i've sworn off this island the first time i went there. and it seems like i'm back again. T_T had i known we were going there, i would have stayed home to heal my poor body. i was actually sick, but i thought the sun would help heal me a little. well, what's a better way to get the heat outta your body than to dry in the sun? anyway i was also thinking it might be the last company trip i'll go to, so i didn't wanna miss it.

so after a few bouts of screaming, wailing and scaring everyone with my mosquito stories from the last trip... we got on the bus and headed to pulau ubin anyway. darn.

and then we took the ferry over to Dooms Land.

and then we took a picture of all the sacrifices to be made to Pulau Ubin Mosquitoes (PUM).

however, it seems that before the Grand Sacrifice occurs, these people had to be fed first. PHEW. last supper eh? and this is how my dear hubby tries to take a picture of everyone. see the effect, not bad! vio zipai power.

we had a pretty decent meal, with cereal praws and crab. i was flicking off the silver fish off my fried rice...

what?!? laogong why are you not stopping them from taking my unsightly pictures!!! NOOOOO
and then the crab all belongs to me!!!

i'm kidding. we do share you know. and dear greg tries to shield himself from the flying juice while we clamped our crabs. hey! it's not that bad you know!! nothing flew in the end.
wow, it looks like someone couldn't really eat properly. or maybe some dogs came to mess our food up.  oh, see the green bottle? it's a company outing accessory given to us. so nice!!

so about 2pm, we started to set off on our bikes. laogong and me tried to do a duo bike but our butts couldn't take it after about 500m of cycling so we detoured back to the original point and found jessie. and we got in her van. hurhur. hey, it's alright for a sick girl to take transport you know! 

oh jeez, it was only halfway down, and it seems like someone fainted. poor thing. must be the heat and the rain.

our first stop was at the temple. first time i'm here, lots of pedestals around... and fishes! right, you know ow people just get excited about fishes cos they've never seen them in pulau ubin that many times before?

and of cos we had to take picture with the dog. i mean how many dogs have you seen that pokes its head out of a temple balcony fence right?

and before we got in the van again!! love these 2 pictures by nic!

and here's our next stop before chek jawa. so memorable. i remembered when i first came here we managed to borrow the insect repellent from the security guard. WHAT A LIFE SAVER.

we walked in to the jetty area and stopped to look at some mud lobsters. they are actually small little mud-colored crabs. there's one in each pic, can you spot them?

and then the breezy breezy coastal walk. oooh. this is like heaven compared to the other parts. (when you have your full insect repellent + sunscreen shield on)

before we left to go back, we saw a hoard of wild boars!!

there were about 5 of them but i didn't manage to capture all. seems like  mini family. ok maybe i was exaggerating about the hoard. but you know. 8D

back at the ferry terminal. a little uncle was feeding 6-7 dogs. wowwww.

and then we're all back at the ferry terminal waiting for the boat. oooh see how our tshirt all has our names? heh feels like class tshirt all over again!

the ferry ride back was awesome. so windy. i mean side from the fact we were going back. hey! i love this trip! i only got 1 mosquito bite. why would i wanna go back. hurhur. it was like heaven - see?
and our boat

and picture spams on the boat!
here's me with daphne and carolina (our sponsor/finance for the trip heh)

here's raynold and jessie (our main organiser and van provider hurhur!)
my laogong and mother hen (the miracles maker and most wonderful lady in my company)
and some more 'artistic' picture spams of me and my laogong hurhur

and finally, a great big thanks to our dear president greg for giving all of us a day off!!! you're the boss i follwed for almost 4 years, i'm sure you'll veer us in the correct direction again!! <3 br="br">
and do always maintain the monkey zest!!!!!!! :>>> (by the way we're the only ones with the episode 2 tshirt. hurhur)

and it's time to go hooooome...... (ooh i love how colorfully symmetrical the ceiling of the bus looks here, as expected of our CD!)

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