Sunday, October 14, 2012

121014 Gaia Ristorante

Wow.. so many backlogs. ok i'm usually pretty lazy to post but think i will be more hardworking and share my life here this time (if i'm in the mood). so let's start from oct.

Oct was an awesome month because my first week was spent in bliss. then there were all the birthday outings and stuff and i received gifts till the end of Oct. *w* best birthday month in years!

so blewky celebrated Wini and my birthday at Gaia Ristorante, since it was Restaurant week too.

and starting from here, let me spam all the awesome dishes we had from appetizer to dessert. hurhurhurh.

didn't manage to get a proper group photo since someone in our group was supposed to upload it but didn't - fess up!!! so this is all i have, as yun/hw were late.

but anyway, thanks so much for the awesome dinner guys!!! <3 p="p">

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