Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Day 8 Yongsan

finally resuming the normal sleep and waking regime.
went out for breakfast at this seafood place. it was really nice!!!

we had saba fish, corn, seaweed soup served with porridge. and i thought that was all until the main dish came. roe rice (or al-bab). even though i was almost full, i still finished everything. kwaaaaah.

and 00 ordered another salad-like thingy cold rice. that's 2 main meals you're eating...

we then headed down to yongsan. yongsan is basically sim lim. or many many sim lims and funans together (since there's so many buildings of the same things around).

randomly walked around looking at electronics, then saw this super expensive socket. damn, i didn't realise sockets (or multi-plugs) can be gold plated, looking like a speaker, or that audio cables can be purchased in an expensive looking gift box. O_O or that playstations can be arranged so elegantly.

there was also some game and figurine shops, but since animes weren't that popular in korea, there wasn't really much to see. akihabara would score better for these stuff. there's a gundam base here though!

walked over to watch les miserables afterwards. i was ready for the 2.5hours of movie. we bought caramel and cheese popcorn, and some tea to drink, and popped in for our 530pm show.

and anne hathaway is suprisingly good at singing! the emotions of the people portrayed when they sing.. is so touching i nearly cried. it was definitely something worth watching!

there was an interactive touch wall outside so i played with it for a bit. you could take a picture of yourself, decorate it and send it to your cellphone.

and if you drag your picture and move it out of the borders, it would enlarge on either sides of the walls. pretty fun!

we had shabu shabu for dinner, and it brings back memories of when i had my first shabu shabu in japan.

even though i was really full, i had to eat the porridge that was prepared at the end. it's the best part!

took some pretty lights just outside the station.

we headed back via a bus for the night. i was really pissed later on for waiting and waiting, but it couldn't be helped. not going to explain much here but it was a disappointing night, at the very least.

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