Sunday, January 13, 2013

DIY day

i spent my saturday customizing my clothes. was looking through the pile of fabrics i have and realised i have this very nice leather velvet thing that i'm not sure what to use for so i created a tube dress and a jacket out of it. it's still not done, as the edges are pretty raw but i have no idea what to add on to it for now.

also picked a black top and modified from this

to something like this

ok because you can't see anything without flash and flash makes the thing looks so awful, it ended up looking awful. zzz. tried to do some photobucket filters but it still doesn't look decent.

here's the back anyway. i like my tassels.

think i will use those bias tape to seam the ends so they don't look so raw.

i also dug out one of my very old jacket i bought cheaply and never wore.

the brown is sort of old though. added some buttons to hook the further and folded the collars in another way.

actually i feel it's still missing something. bleah. perhaps it should be shortened?
hmm nothing seemed to finalise today...

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