Monday, January 21, 2013

120119 BBQ... steamboat? 1.0

went to clean my new house in the morning and almost died. scrubbed like every corner of my room. the interior designer really did a horrible job with all the paint flecks and holes they left. pffft. would not recommend them to anyone now.

the window panes were a pain because there's so many of them. =___= argh!! and it was the first day of my good friend visiting so i was in pain and slogging at the same time. even so, i look forward to moving in my new room!

about 4pm i went home to prepare to go out. it was raining the whole day so the bbq at Timmy's was cancelled and changed to a steamboat dinner at orchard instead.

we only remembered to take picture once we came out cos we were all so busy eating. hurhur. mr security clicked so many times but it was still all blur. saaad.

was nice to see everyone again - and all the shocking updates! whoa. had a bit of drink (didn't have any since i was still in pain) before we left for the day.

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