Sunday, December 28, 2014

141228 Jeju Love Land

so in the morning, we left about 9am to catch the internal flight to jeju. jeongho was nice enough to drive us all the way there but we had no time for breakfast T_T and had to take the flight immediately with probably only 5mins to spare. the internal check in for koreans was only via an ID card, no passport needed. it's almost like taking a bus. you only have to arrive probably 15mins prior to departure, that's all.

and so we're on Korean Airlines for the internal flight~~  i like taking planes with my namchin (although he isn't too fond of planes) because it just feels like we are going for a vacation. holidays!

...and we touched down 45mins later. quick flight!

we took a bus to the central cos there was an o-lens shop to use the final voucher. but as it turns out the boss of the headquarters didn't pick up the phone and the shop couldn't verify if the voucher was usable and asked us to come back another day.. wasted 2hours of our time. grrrr. the lens there was much expensive at 38,000 anyway.

so then we taxi-ed to jeju love land to save some time since we were already behind schedule. get ready for lots of sex sssspam!

it's supposed to be warmer than seoul, but it's still pretty cold at 7degrees. and we didn't bring a lot of thick clothes T_T

we were moving with our little luggage so it was good we could deposit it at the reception.

and the first structure that greeted us (that's almost 2 storey tall)

the toilet had quirky handles too

and just to the left of the toilet...

right... let's move on to the land of.....

forced 00 to sit on this. kekeke

but he wouldn't take a pic w this so i had to

more structures!

they call this alice in wonderland....

there was a museum in the middle so we went in and what greeted us at the entrance...

museum was actually quite interesting. it showcased a lot of sex toys... and sold them.

and this is how these soldiers can be used:

some just look pretty painful...

and herein is a little showcase of cute 3D models of real life situation...

even in the joseon dynasty, in the wilds

there was a souvenir shop selling some keychains and sex toys and i had to buy one for xm. what would she say if she was here with me...

and out again, here we have finally a decent structure for us to selfie at~

and more of the indecent structures...

oops what's she doing to me! the boobs are biggg

and fooling with another guy in the open...

there's some impossible gymnastics/yoga pose too

and fat men's land. ughh

fancy a threesome?

now that's a mighty huge banana.. is that a butt behind?

dancing in the middle of the fountain~

and here we enter the land of penises.

they created different structures with different concepts using wood, futuristic materials, plastic etc here's a chinese looking one:

and guess what this is called our mr song! for d-man!

and this is... terminator.

at the end of the little pathway... looking back

a structure that fell during a typhoon and rebuilt back

and there's yet another museum showcasing you-know-what made alllll outta wood

and some more weird structures... this is too rocky... looks like a tree trunk


yoga sex?

a butt bench!

and there's the fat women's land too... *gulps* scary!

and then we were out.. it was almost 430 by the time we were out. so we visited the nearby mysterious road instead.

so what's mysterious about it is that while it's a sloping down lane... if you put a car or stuff on it it will roll up. can't tell from here. but you can rent cars to experience the cars going up slope when you off the engine.

if you're bored you can take photos with the pigs 

or the live cows!

we stayed at the nearby convenience store to have a quick lunch/dinner/snack, before taking a bus to our hotel.

and... we overshot and ended up at the ferry terminal. it was so bloody windy and cold but it was fortunate we found 1 person who was about to close the terminal. so he gave us a local taxi number to call. and we realised we overshot by more than 10 stations maybe x.x

finally ended up in our warm room~

there was nothing to eat nearby. nothing. unless you wanna ride out with a car for about 10mins or walk for 45mins. so we ended up buying some stuff from the convenience store and ordering chimeg... chicken and mekju (beer).

and we slept right after dinner. i'm very sure 00 slept because of the beer. i played around with my hp and only knocked off around 930pm. still so early......

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