Tuesday, December 23, 2014

141223 Lotte Mall 2

had our lunch at a pork ribs place. it's kinda like the bahkutteh in singapore (except i prefer our local version).

they had the add-ons of the stew ribs for just 3000won each.. and it was seriously delicious. their store's specialty seems to be wrong - they should promote this instead!

after lunch, we caught a bus to jamsil station.

it was hard not to be curious about the new mall lotte built. there's a lot of natural disasters surrounding it - with sinkholes appearing around, and the structure having cracks here and there due to the bad building of the foundation. we were advised not to go there for fear of the building collapsing suddenly.

but what's the chances? so we went anyway!

as you can see it hasn't really finished building... they were advised to stop but the director insisted it was safe so they're still constructing it.

just stepping in, you can already feel the atmosphere of people avoiding the area. there's not a lot of crowd (prob cos it's so big, and it's a weekday). but the decors were amazing.

passed by a miyazaki shop for the fans~ look at the big fluffy cat car!

nearby, there was an icecream shop that looked irresistable. so i had to try. we ordered one of the big lanterns on the left, 2nd one from top. blowing up their menu and name because i received an unpleasant surprise....

but.... it turned out like this?!??!? looks so deflated. we felt cheated. am never gonna buy from them again. blowing up their menu super huge so you guys can avoid this softree also. the ice cream is nice, but it's just like the vanilla cone with caramel sauce at macdonalds. tchhhh. waste of stomach space and $$.

strolled around the central with a lot of xmas decor. just nice, a finnish santa claus paid a visit!

seems he's an authentic santa claus from the santa town! he gave everyone sweets and we received a polaroid of this pic. nice!

the bears walking around were pretty cute too :3

we strolled around all the levels.. and eevery level there's a little art exhibit contributed by a store. pretty neat.

the stores made up unique structures with different materials, and showcase their product together as well.

i really like this horse structure. the dresses were all made of paper! 

golden ship

namchin was very sleepy and fell asleep on one of the waiting benches outside the restaurant so i roamed around a bit while he dozed. the spiral staircase is nice eh!

passed by a posh indian restaurant. apparently all indian cuisines are priced highly and considered an expensive cuisine here....

just around the corner, there's a reaaaallly fancy toilet. it's made up of individual rooms!! and with their own washing basins.  can't capture the size but it's really comfortable and posh~

while walking around i accidentally strolled into an art exhibit... it seemed to be having a private event

there were food and drinks and i shamelessly went to kope 2. hohhohoo! there seem to be no one but that lone guy there is speaking so everyone is a little distance away so they don't block the view. when i went back a little after, namchin awakes.

we walked to the other wing~

and there's a retro street there with a performance at certain times. and i missed it jeeeeeeeeeeeee. see the agogo dancers!

there's a cooking studio too!

and a mini view of the whole new lotte 2 departmental store.

we decided to eat... dadddum daejang geum for dinner!!!

food served for a king!

that fruit salad is one of the best i've eaten. the sauce is like apple-kiwi.

the tofu jjige and dwaenjjang jjige is nice too~ but the side dishes are just so-so

and we rested in front of these moving screens.... whoa...

and darling namchin fell into a deep slumber on the way home...... kekekkkekekeke

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